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10 Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day – 2023

News Type : General News
Department : Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Date: 10/10/2023
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: RRCN Lobby
Organizer: Dr. Shamili Kowshik (HOD)
Department of Psychiatric Nursing
Performers: 2nd GNM students.
World mental health day is celebrated on 10 th of October every year on the occasion of world mental health day students of 2 nd GNM performed a mime on the theme mental health matters. It was organized by Dr. Shamili Kowshik professor and HOD of department of psychiatric nursing and preceded by Dr. Uma Devi A.K, principal, RRCN. It was started at 2pm around 200 students attend the programme i.e. 1st GNM, 2nd GNM, and 3rd GNM students along with faculties of RRCN. 2nd GNM students performed mime on theme and elaborated the theme and importance of mental health in our lives.