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29 Sep 2018

World Heart Day Celebration

News Type : General News
Department : Medical Surgical Nursing

World Heart Day celebration was organized by Medical Surgical Nursing department, faculty and students of RajaRajeswari College of Nursing on 29th September 2018 for raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases and to live a healthy life. As part of the celebration, HOD of Medical Surgical Nursing Mrs. Asha Sajji welcomed the gathering by addressing about the importance of world heart day celebration. Mrs. Reshma Kharvi, Asst. Professor explained briefly about the cardiovascular diseases and emphasized on the importance of good eating habits, cessation of smoking as it has a bad effect on the heart health. She also spoke about the importance of sports and exercise. Principal Dr. A Jebarna Kiruba Mary emphasized on healthy lifestyle, stress free life to keep heart healthy. Ms. Mandira Gope, Lecturer delivered vote of thanks.


Few activities were organized to relieve stress and to boost cardiac health. Participants were made to undergo a session of Laughter therapy and deep breathing yogic exercises to relax themselves and their basic parameters like Blood pressure, Heart Rate, Height, Weight, BMI and GRBS were checked. Followed by this they were made to undergo physical exertion to achieve the maximum target Heart Rate. Finally, a promise was been made by all the participants to eat healthy food, do daily exercises and to be stay happy. As a health care professionals, also made a promise to save more lives.