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23 Jan 2019

The Path of Wisdom

News Type : General News

Date : 23th to 25 January 2019

Venue : ACS Convention Hall, RRMCH Campus, Bengaluru

About the Programme:

As a part of the curriculum, an Exhibition on was arranged on 23rd to 25th January 2019 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm at RRMCH auditorium by students of RajaRajeswari College Of Nursing Bangalore under the guidance of the Dr.A.Jebarna Kiruba Mary Principal, RRCN, Bangaluru and Mrs. Kanchana M.Naik ,HOD dept of pediatric Nursing, HOD and Subject coordinators of various departments.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Bhima Uma Maheswari,Principal, Padmashree college of Nursing, Bengaluru Addressing the gathering, she said to the students that this is yet another learning activity wherein the students have put in their spirit and talents in bringing out a well-organized exhibition on Instructional media.Mrs. Kanchana M.Naik ,HOD dept of pediatric Nursing has threw light on the theme “the pathway of wisdom” and the importance of exhibition for the students .The exhibition was arranged under the different subject categories such as Anatomy,Physiology,Microbiology,Fundamental Of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing ,Community Health Nursing,Psychitric Nursing, Psychology, And CET under the guidance of subject teachers and HOD of different department.

Dr A.Jebarna Kiruba Mary,Principal,RRCN,Bengaluru congratulated the students at this occasion for their efforts and stated that RRCN students have never kept back and proven their excellence wherever they are placed keeping up the reputation the institution. Dr Jebarna also assured the students that RRCN has reached its peak among rest of the Colleges and hence urged them to take up a greater responsibility to maintain the quality in whatever they do. She congratulated all the students for their creative ideas. Faculty including various department heads and students RRCN,Bengaluru were present. The exhibition served as a great source of information and learning to all the students of RRCN. The exhibition was attended by around 550 students of various institutes that is Padmashree college of Nursing,Sri lakshmi college of nursing, Patel college of Nursing, East west college of Nursing, RRMCH ,Subhash college of Nursing,Gangothri college of Nursing , Kalabyraveshwara Swamy college of Nursing and Kempegowda College Of Nursing ,Bangaluru