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2 Aug 2019

Rural Community Field Experience Chunchnakuppe, GanapathI Halli Village

News Type : General News
Department : Community Health Nursing

RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital has adopted Chunchnakuppe RHTC centre under the Arogya Bandhu schemes its rural centre. The health centre has its own building with OPD, inpatient facilities, pharmacy, minor OT and injection room etc. We are in the process of upgrading it to a 24×7 health centre. The students are posted on rotation every year as per their requirement.

Activities of the Department

The department provides students teaching regarding field experience and door to door step services in the community which will give more involvement in the community activities and students are gaining skills how to use available recourse and provide care to community population. Students are visiting various places like Akshya patra, water purification centre, sewage plant, epidemic hospitals, milk dairy etc. The department lab is equipped with adequate number of models like modern village model, bio-medical waste management model, water purification model, model of PHC etc which helping student actively participate in learning successfully.

The students are trained in the community areas how to provide services which will help the students gain more knowledge in the field of community areas. In addition to meeting the requirements the students conduct many other programmes. We celebrate all national and international health days like population day, world’s AIDS day, health day, environment day, republic day etc by conducting through seminars, rallys, health checkups, health education etc.

Health education is provided through group and individually through puppet show, role play, street play etc

Physical assessment is done at the home, schools and health care centre. ANC, PNC, immunization clinic etc are also conducted at community levels. Nutrition demonstration done at village level.

A visit to Akshya Patra, Vasanthpura, kanakapura main road. We conduct school health programme in different school and educated students regarding various health topics like personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, dental hygiene, balance diet, drug abuse, good touch & bad touch etc.