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13 Jun 2022

Nutritional Demonstration Program

News Type : General News
Department : Community Health Nursing

A nutritional demonstration program was done in Ganpatihalli from 13th of June to 26th June 2022 collaborating with department of Community Health Nursing Mrs. Tejeshwari B.V HOD & Professor and Mrs. Manali Chakraborty lecturer of Community Health Nursing RRCN Bangalore.

This program was conducted to provide education information on nutritional value of the foods, food quality and safety, methods of preservation, processing and handling, food preparation and eating to help them make the best choice of foods for an adequate diet. There were around 20 groups 98 individuals who performed that demonstration there were 118 varieties of dishes prepared by the students. Community members where happy to join with all of us they were able to understand and study about the nutritional value of food available around them.

The program ended by thanking the community people for the great co-operation.

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