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1 Sep 2021

National Nutrition Week 2021

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Nutrition plays a very important role in our life – from the time a baby is born in the womb and continues even after birth. Great importance should be given to nutrition as it is important for our health.

Food and nutrition are mandatory for overall physical and mental health and ever since the pandemic has wreaked havoc, awareness about healthy food and nutrition has started to spread in every nook and corner. If you need an active life with growth and development, then a balanced diet is a must.

During the National Nutrition Week, the government takes up various initiatives to spread awareness about the right nutrition. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and for that, we must take the adequate amount of nutrients such as proteins and vitamins in our daily diet.

The National Nutrition week was organized by Rajarajeswari College of nursing as a part of wellness club activity based on the theme “Feeding smart,Right from start”. The nutrition week The Nutrition week was held from 1st to 7th September 2021 at the Nutrition Lab of Rajarajeswari college of Nursing from 9.30 am onwards to 3 pm. The participants were 1st year B.Sc nursing and 1st GNM nursing students. Students were divided into various groups and diets were prepared based on fireless cooking and therapeutic cooking. the nutrition week programme was co- ordinated by Mrs Kanchana M. Naik HOD , dept of paediatric Nursing RRCN and Mrs Debalina Dey , Associate professor , dept of paediatric Nursing , RRCN.

The program went as per the plan. There were very few noticeable errors. The participants had enjoyed a lot while preparing the dishes. Some students found difficulty during performing their tasks as it was their first time to prepare any dish. The program overall was an entertainment package for all and was a success with the students feeling satisfied. In this way whole programme was organised nicely and ended happily.

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