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19 Sep 2023

Health Education Program -2023

News Type : General News, NSS News
Department : Community Health Nursing
Date: 19 September 2023
A Health education program was conducted along with the community postings of 4th year B.Sc. Nursing. On the month of September, collaborating with department of Community Health Nursing Mrs. Tejeshwari B.V HOD & Professor of Community Health Nursing RRCN Bangalore.
This program was conducted to develop the health attitude, to eradicate the disease through health programs, to provide a helpful environment for physical and mental growth, and to improve the general conditions of living in the community and also to instruct the children and youth so as to conserve and improve their own health. All together 118 topics were included like HIV, AIDS, COVID-19 etc. Flash cards which include the photos of each topic which was made by students helped them a lot to understand more. The program was ended by thanking the members of community for their great co-operation.