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26 Mar 2024

Health Camps

News Type : General News, NSS, Community News
Department : Community Health Nursing
The Swasth Mela health camps, organized in collaboration with Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, witnessed active participation from nursing students. The initiative aimed to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the community and promote health awareness. Under the umbrella of Swasth Mela, various health camps were conducted, including the Ayushman health mela focusing on general health check-ups, screening for common ailments, and health education sessions. Additionally, the High-Risk Pregnancy Program aimed to support expectant mothers with specialized care and guidance to ensure safe pregnancies and childbirth. The involvement of nursing students enhanced community engagement and facilitated the delivery of healthcare services. Through these camps, numerous individuals were reached, promoting preventive healthcare and early intervention. The collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals and students contributed significantly to improving health outcomes in the community. The Swasth Mela health camps served as a platform for fostering community well-being and empowering individuals to prioritize their health. Such initiatives underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing healthcare needs at the grassroots level. &bsp;