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8 Aug 2023

CREO Sports Day – 2023

News Type : General News
Date: 5th AUG (Indoor Events)
8th To 9th (outdoor Event)

RajaRajeswari College of Nursing celebrated the sports day CREO 2023 on 5th Aug .which was preceded by Dr. Umadevi A.K Principal of Rrcn and it was organized by the students and sports committee in charge Mrs. Renuka Malladad, along with faculties.
On 5th August, the first day of event the participants showed off their skills in indoor games. The events started from 9:30am continued till 1:00pm .the events were evaluated by the faculties of RajaRajeswari nursing college.
On 8th Aug the group events were inaugurated by Dr.Shyam Sports Secretary of Rrmch , Dr.Satyamurthy.B sir (Dean RRGI), Dr Praveen Kumar(M S RRMCH), Dr.Naveen( Deputy sports secretary of RRMCH).
Boy’s volleyball and girl’s basketball started. Simultaneously boys volleyball completed and started basketball, girls finished basketball and started to play volleyball.
On 8th Aug we had completed boys and girls volleyballs and boys and girls basketball ball, boys cricket and football tills semifinals. The remaining sports events are were held by the next day (on 9th Aug) ,we had various track events, like 100 meter ,200 meter ,400 meter ,walking race, 4×100 meter relay, shot put, disc throw , after 2 pm we conducted finals of football.
The efforts of the faculty members and students who were involved in the planning and preparation of the event were finally frutiful as their efforts were appreciated and knowledge by all.