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2 Aug 2023

CREO Cultural Day – 2023

News Type : General News
Date: 2nd Aug to 5th Aug(off stage)&
10th Aug to 11th Aug (on stage)
RajaRajeswari college of Nursing celebrated its cultural function CREO 2023 on 2nd Aug to 11th Aug. which was preceded by Dr Umadevi A.k principal of RRCN and it was organized by the students and cultural committee in-charge Dr Shamili kowshik professor & HOD of mental health nursing along with other faculty. The students & faculty of RajaRajeswari college of Nursing witnessed 7 days of excellent display of talents, competitive spirit and excitement during the cultural events CREO.

The cultural event were participated by 4 groups Rigel ,Ursa, Aadhara,Vega
The 4 days cultural event were followed as Ethnic day, western day, formal day, cine day.

On 2nd August, the first day of the event the participants showed off their skills in off stage events. The events started from 8:30am and continued till 4:00pm.
The off stage events continued till 5th august 2023 till 3:30pm. Events were evaluated by the faculties of RajaRajeswari medical College & RajaRajeswari College of physiotherapy.
After the fun packed 5 days on stage Events were conducted on 10th & 11th august at Kadamba hall. All the on stage Events started at 9:00 am and continued till 4:00pm. The cultural function came to an end on 11th August at 4:00pm
The efforts of the faculty members and students who were involved in the planning and preparation of the event were finally fruitful as their efforts were appreciated and acknowledged by all