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3 Feb 2023

CNE on Infection Prevention and Control

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A Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) on Infection prevention and control was organized by the RajaRajeswari College of Nursing on 3rd Feb 2023. This CNE was conducted for the Ist Year B.Sc Nursing & GNM students with a view to develop their knowledge and give hands on experience regarding Infection prevention and control. This CNE was organized with the association of Department of Microbiology, RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a practical, evidence-based approach preventing patients and health workers from being harmed by avoidable infections. Effective IPC requires constant action at all levels of the health system, including policymakers, facility managers, health workers and those who access health services. IPC is unique in the field of patient safety and quality of care, as it is universally relevant to every health worker and patient, at every health care interaction. Defective IPC causes harm and can kill. Without effective IPC it is impossible to achieve quality health care delivery.

Education is a never ending process in a person’s life and it’s the responsibility of each and every individual to update themselves as the time goes on. Along with education, skills also play a major role in providing efficient care to a patient. Therefore it’s necessary to improve knowledge as well as skills in providing quality care. A total of 179 students attended the program .The group was welcomed by Mrs Tejeswari B V. The overview of the CNE was given by Dr Uma Devi A K.Vice Principal, & HoD, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing. Vote of Thanks was given by Mrs Reshma Kharvi.



Speaker’s Name

Activity (Yes/No)


Overview of Hospital Infection

and Prevention, control

Dr.Prakash R Professor

Dept. of Microbiology



Importance of Hand Hygiene

Mr.Shiva Kumar,

Quality manager ,

Quality Cell



Disinfection and Sterilization

Dr.Lakshminarayan, Professor & HOD

Dept. of Microbiology



Specimen Collection

Dr.Vamseedhar Annnam, Professor ,

Dept. of Pathology.



Patient Care Practices

Dr.Yashaswini M.K , Associate professor,

Dept. of Microbiology.



Prevention of MDRO in Health Care Settings

Dr.Archana BR , Associate professor,

Dept. of Microbiology.



Isolation Precautions

Dr.kirthilaxmi, Associate Professor,

Dept. of Microbiology.



Biomedical Waste Management

Dr.Shilpa A , Assiatant Professor,

Dept. of Microbiology.


Note: It is suggested to do in 2 sessions, where ever activity is marked “Yes” it requires at least 45 mins for that lecture.