Pediatric Nursing

Department Overview

Child Health Nursing is a speciality which focuses on nursing care of children, both normal and sick. Pediatric Nurses work with patients from infancy to young adulthood, giving developmental screenings, immunizations, and treating common illnesses. Students have the opportunity to focus on the specific health needs of children, young people and their family. The programme is equally concerned with promoting evidence-based practice and safeguarding the health of children and young people. Students will be involved in working with the variety of children and young people who access the services provided by the health care system.

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They will become more skillful in developing communication and cooperation with the children through play therapy.


  • To prepare students to identify the normal growth and development of children and deviation from the normal, give comprehensive nursing care to children suffering from various diseases.
  • Utilize the nursing process in a competent and caring manner to safely meet the bio/psycho/social/cultural and spiritual needs of children across the lifespan in a variety of health care settings.
  • Special emphasis is given to Embryology, Genetics, Psychology, Paediatric medicine, Surgery, Nutrition, and Growth and Development

Clinical Experiences

In order to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students are given clinical experience in pediatric medical and surgical wards apart from theory classes. The students also have the privilege of becoming familiar with the most sophisticated equipment and technology related to client care. Pediatric nurses learn a lot about the growth and development of children, giving immunization, developing communication with children and Family members, importance of play therapy & caring the sick and high risk newborns. Students will be exposed in all the clinical areas like pediatric Medical & Surgical wards, PICU, NICU, Pediatric OT and OPDs.

Head Of Department

Mrs. Kanchana M. Naik

Associate Professor


9 Oct 2023
Workshop on Basic Neonatal Resuscitation – 2023
Workshop on Basic Neonatal Resuscitation
9 Oct 2023
Neonatal Resuscitation Programme – 2023
The aim for conducting NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Programme) is to raise awareness about the importance of the newborn care for child survival and development.
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Lab Facilities

It has got 5 Peadiatric cots, 3 cradles, CPR manikin, Ostomy care manikins, Artificial feeding manikin, toys and play materials for the various age group and equipped with all necessary furniture’s and articles needed for practice. There is separate area for teaching neonatal Assessment, baby bath, growth and development, play therapy area, embryonic developments and growth and development of children with different age group also. Students are practiced well in the pediatric lab before they enter into the clinical area.