Obstetrics And Gynecological Nursing

Department Overview

The Department of OBG Nursing is one of the Clinical Nursing Specialty departments of the institute. It provides courses in obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing with theoretical and practical elements to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The department aims towards excellence in clinical practice and strives to provide the students with various aspect of midwifery to become competent and caring midwives. We ensure effective and efficient services to our student community & enable them to function as educators, managers and researchers in the field of OBG Nursing

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  1. To ensure excellent academic performance and over all development of students in both clinical and theory towards caring mother and children.
  2. To develop the basic Obstetrics and Gynaecological knowledge and skill required to work and perform as midwives in various health care settings.
  3. To participate actively towards promotion of independent and collaborative research
  4. To facilitate professional growth of faculty.

Functions and Activities

  • Guides the Under Graduate and Post Graduate to do Research Projects.
  • Observes International Midwives Day, Breast Feeding Week Celebration of Safe Motherhood Day etc.
  • The postgraduate course comprises of Ward postings, Clinical classes, seminars and clinical presentations.
  • Participates actively in National Immunization Pulse Polio Programme and all other National Health Programmes.
  • Conducts Continuing Nursing Education such as journal club presentation and guest lectures.
  • Practice based Learning

Head Of Department

Dr. A. Jebarna Kiruba Mary



12 May 2023
Free Medical Camp at Kengeri
Free Medical camp was held on 12 th May, 2023 organized by RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.
5 May 2023
International Midwives Day – 2023
The department of OBG Nursing, organized a quiz competition for the students as a part of International Midwives Day 5 th May, 2023.
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Lab Facilities

It is set up with the view to enable the students to provide comprehensive care to Mothers, Neonates and children. The infrastructure of the lab includes delivery cot, adult cots, pediatric cots, different articles and instruments used in Obstetrics & Child Health Nursing.

The Departmental Lab is well equipped with Birthing Simulators, Obstetric manikins, Pelvis, Fetal Skull, Various Obstetrical Instruments, different kinds of Models etc. These all help the students to acquire Knowledge & skills in patient care that are to be practiced in clinical settings.