Medical Surgical Nursing

Department Overview

Medical-Surgical Nursing is a specialty area concerned with the care of adult patients in a broad range of settings. It is a specialty in nursing organization dedicated to nurturing medical-surgical nurses as they advance their careers. Traditionally, medical-surgical nursing was an entry-level position that most nurses viewed as a stepping stone to specialty areas. Medical-surgical nursing is the largest group of professionals in the field of nursing. Advances in medicine and nursing have resulted in medical-surgical nursing evolving into its own specialty.

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Many years ago a majority of hospital nurses worked on wards, and everyone was a medical-surgical nurse. Today licensed medical-surgical nurses work in a variety of positions, inpatient clinics, emergency departments, administration, outpatient surgical centers, home health care, humanitarian relief work, ambulatory surgical care, and skilled nursing homes. Some military medical-surgical nurses serve on battlefields.


  • Describe the core competencies for students: patient-centered care, interdisciplinary teams, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and informatics.
  • Apply the attitudes, mental habits, and skills necessary for critical thinking when using the nursing process in client care.
  • Explain the importance of nursing codes and standards as guidelines for clinical nursing practice.
  • Explain the activities and characteristics of the nurse as caregiver, educator, advocate, leader and manager, and researcher.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking when using the nursing process to provide knowledgeable, safe client care.

Functions and Activities

  1. Impart teaching learning activities; carry on research activities, dedicated patient care and community services.
  2. Undertakes the Teaching Learning activities to the bachelor courses of Nursing in addition its nursing sub-speciality of M.Sc. students.
  3. The postgraduate course comprises of Ward postings, Clinical classes, seminars and clinical presentations.
  4. Impart teaching learning activities; carry on research activities, dedicated patient care and community services.
  5. Patient care and community services are also carried on along with the Research activities.

Head Of Department

Medical Surgical Nursing HOD



17 Dec 2023
Awareness Programme on Diabetes Mellitus – 2023
Medical Surgical Nursing department of RajaRajeswari College of Nursing organized a programme to create awareness about Diabetes Mellitus on 17th November 2023.
2 Nov 2023
Report of National Workshop 2023
National workshop on Mastering the Nursing programme: A Comprehensive workshop was conducted on 2nd & 3rd Nov 2023 at Kamdamba Hall,
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Lab Facilities

The college has got well equipped medical surgical nursing lab where students get hands on experience for various procedures. It has an excellent infrastructure to aid teaching & research activities. It is equipped with adequate number of international Mannequins & simulators that help to amalgamate class room teaching with skill learning successfully. This department consists of experienced faculty members with inverse position for teaching and research activities who uses various mode and innovative teaching strategies like seminars, demonstration, simulations, clinical presentations, conferences, workshops, projects, and discussions etc which are of immense benefit to students. The students are taught to independently handle sophisticated equipments such as ECG machines, ventilators, defibrillators and other apparatus used in critical care units.